DEZANOVE HOUSE   Rental luxury private Villa Architectural Holidays. Sleeps: 6+2 / Bathrooms: 4  -

DEZANOVE HOUSE   Rental Villa Architectural Holidays. Sleeps: 6+2 / Bathrooms: 4  -

Both our works have taken us to live and move around various cities in Europe, and we had always felt the need to have a house in Galicia that we could always return to.

In 2007 we finally found this ideal location in Puebla, and with Iñaki being an Architect, we were lucky to be able to design a good architecture and have our place to relax and enjoy with friends and family; a house full of natural light and good energy.

The design and architectural inspiration came from the reclaimed eucalyptus wood of the “bateas”. These are the wood platforms for mussel production floating in the estuary, and that constitute one of the most important local industry.

The wood has been at the sea for 25 years and it took a very long time to collect it as the local fishermen were gradually renewing them. The shape and material of the house recalls the booths that the old bateas used to have, and similarly to them, some parts of the house appear to float.

Some of the premises to be achieve by the house were the respect its natural surroundings, environmentally friendly, maximum energy efficiency, great natural light and a relaxing atmosphere. As a special feature, the kitchen had to be very spacious and play an important role in the core of the house as a key social space.

This is a self-catering villa to enjoy with friends and family, so a visual relation of different interior spaces allows the interaction of the occupants and gives a larger space sensation.

We have put our heart in every detail and the design process did not stop with the house. It continued down to every element from rom the furniture done by local craftsmen (steel staircase, leather door handles, wooden lamp, batea wood chairs…) to the plants & moss chosen for the vertical garden to organically purify the air that 
comes through the ventilation. When we finished the house, it was very rewarding to see how well the value of Dezanove was recognized the local and the wider architectural community.

We want every guest to feel at home, and we will go the extra mile with any special request to make this happen. As proud Galicians, we think this estuary is the best kept secret and we like showing what the region has to offer and recommend things to do and activities to get the local experience.

Having Dezanove as a self-catering house, has proven to be a great experience, and since we started in 2013, we have had wonderful guests choosing us for special celebrations and family holidays.

We hope to see you too soon at Dezanove and you tell us all about your experience!

Ana & Iñaki