DEZANOVE HOUSE   Rental luxury private Villa Architectural Holidays. Sleeps: 8 / Bathrooms: 4  -

DEZANOVE HOUSE   Rental Villa Architectural Holidays. Sleeps: 8 / Bathrooms: 4  -

Rias Baixas. Sun and rain in perfect proportions

Don't believe the cliches and look at the facts: high season 15 hours of light, average max temperatures of 25°C and only 5 days of rain per month to allow you to cool down. If this is not a perfect mild summer, what...

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Ideas when visiting Santiago

Enjoy this Ian Belcher's article for Food & Travel on Santiago.

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Sara Sherwood

In 2014, we came across a "city scape" painting by Sara Sherwood and were fascinated by it. We were very lucky to finally meet her and have the chance to show her Dezanove House. Sara is a wonderful artist and we believe her paintings are very special. During her stay...

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Top 10 Galician omelettes

How do you like them? Soft, yolky, dry or crunchy....I think I like them all and after reading this article, I know what I'm having for lunch today! Click...

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A new concept restaurant

Who would have thought that canned food could come into fashion?! If you are in London or NY watch out for Tincan. These architects have managed to bring canned food to a new level in a kitchen-less waste-less successful restaurant. We have ourselves mixed...

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La Coruña – reasons to love the Crystal City

La Coruña has been featured today in the Herald Sun, Australia. Read more about it at

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